Starting Soccer

Welcome to our soccer season, CAYSO families!
If you have not registered, please do so via our Registration page.
Each of our teams have 8 games, typically on the weekend. Here are 5 quick notes as we head into the 8 games this season.
Schedule | Games | Uniforms/Gear | Referees | Communication 
Schedule – Practice schedules will be ready a week or two before the first practice (August for fall, April for spring). Practices are typically twice a week. Coaches will relay game schedules and game locations to you (yes, we travel a bit, some teams more than others). The schedules are finalized about three weeks before the first game. Generally, Fall games start the second week of September and Spring games start the second week of April. You can see all our schedules and subscribe to team calendars at
Games Spring games start the third week of April (and might go into June) and Fall games start the second week of September (and might go into November). Exact schedules vary by team and season. Most coaches want players at games, ready and geared up, at least 30 minutes before the start of the game for warm-ups. Some coaches want even more time. Please plan your travel requirements as necessary to help with this. If travel is difficult, reach out to the coach for options. And at games, all our coaches try to have equal playing time for all players, regardless of skill or score. Because of the nature of the game, this isn’t a perfect balance, but we strive hard for it. 
Uniforms/Gear – Jerseys will be handed before the first game if you don’t already have one. Please provide shorts, shin guards, socks that cover shin guards, and boots (soccer cleats). Oh, and no jewelry either please (even if your piercings are new). Refs will make you take it off. Speaking of refs…
Referees – Some referees are young, some are old. Some games will have 3, some will have none. And not every call or whistle will go the way you expect it to be. Please be patient and encouraging. Even better, sign up to be a referee yourself (seriously, there is a huge shortage, and the pay is pretty good). Look to to learn more

Communication – If you are not hearing from your coach, then we have a communication problem. We will use PlayMetrics and email to get in contact with you. Coaches also will use PlayMetrics to send out notes. If you are not receiving these notifications, please let us know and we will get it fixed.

Please let us know anything that is on your mind. We are here to help.
Good luck through the season!